Heavy Brass Plates

We also stock our special "Heavy Brass" plates.
These plates are 1/16" thick. They are great for memorials, room dedications
or when you want a more substantial plate.

We stock many sizes but any size is available by special order.
Heavy Brass is recomended for indoor use only, and the entire plate will oxidize very quickly outdoors.
All plates come with notched corners and holes.
Square plates can be ordered and will require approx 10 business days to completion.

Heavy Brass Plate
Stock Sizes:
Price listed plus 20¢ per character for engraving.
Available fonts are here
(sizes listed are priced at 70¢ per square inch)
$5.00 minimum total

Other sizes are available.
Allow 10 business days for job completion.

$5.60 Plus Engraving
2 x 8"
$11.20 Plus Engraving
2 x 10"
$14.00 Plus Engraving
2 x 12"
$16.80 Plus Engraving
3 x 9"
$18.90 Plus Engraving
3 x 12"
$25.20 Plus Engraving


Font Choices

Engraving Font Choices